The letter noted that “Denmark was the place of ‘original sin’ for Islamists since the Jyllands Posten 2005 series of Mohammed cartoons. The Copenhagen meeting on ‘Art, Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression’ featured Swedish caricaturist, Lars Vilks, who,in 2007, depicted Mohammed as a dog.

“Police officers represent the first-line guardians of the very values of respect, tolerance and democracy most reviled by the Jihadists.

“Jews, as bulwarks of Western values and quintessentially European for centuries before the concept of a European Union, serve as a strategic target.  Whether anti-West/anti-Europe/anti-Semite (right, left or Islamic radical), the terrorist well understands that assaults on Jews have extensive collateral consequences – they damage the delicate fabric of democracy itself.”

Samuels argued that, “the danger lies in an apparent media reversal of priorities or cognitive disconnect. Without Paris Charlie and the Copenhagen art meeting, the kosher supermarket and synagogue would fall into the forgotten litany of antisemitic incidents in Europe. Linked to the assaults on freedom of expression, they cannot be viewed as ancillary – for the perpetrator, they are naturally twinned together.”

The Centre warned Tusk that, “Paris and Copenhagen are bound to be precedents for a pan-European epidemic. Condemnation is insufficient.”

“We call on you to convoke a European Union-wide conference of States, NGOs, law enforcement, Internet experts, inter-faith leaders and educators to combat antisemitism on every front,” concluded Samuels.

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