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“The whole operation is an exercise in terror with those who grant their flag, finance, glorify and applaud, as active accomplices.”

Paris, 28 May 2018

“The Porto Alegre-based World Social Forum (WSF), an antiglobalization organization hijacked for the Palestinian cause, has become the focal point for coordination of the BDS and flotilla campaigns,” stated Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, who annually monitors WSF programmes:

- “The Gaza Flotilla” concept was first raised at the WSF in 2008. The 2016 Montreal meeting featured the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (see website <>), and a proposed “Women’s Boat to Gaza,” led by flotilla activist, David Heap;

- Though less focussed on Palestinian issues, the March 2018 El Salvador meeting, reportedly discussed a flotilla to mark the 31 May 2010, “Mavi Marmara,” as further opportunity to defame Israel;

- The plan was ready for application in coordination with Hamas’ “Great Return March;”

- Three Swedish vessels left Gothenburg last week – the “Hurryeh” (“Freedom” in Arabic), the “Palestine” and the “Maird” – for Wilhelmshaven, in Germany;

- A fourth, the Norwegian flag “Al-Auda” (“Return” in Arabic), docked in Kiel, where the German Coast Guard apparently had orders to complicate their departure.

According to the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre, the planned route to the Mediterranean is via Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Brighton (United Kingdom), where public welcomes are already arranged.

The Wiesenthal Centre is urging the respective Mayors of these and other ports along the itinerary, to take measures to prevent mayhem and possible attacks on Jewish institutions along the way.

Samuels added, “whether knowingly or unwittingly, international airlines serving the flytilla – aimed at bringing pro-Hamas activists to Tel Aviv – must view these passengers as potential terrorists and refuse their embarkation.”

“Indeed, the whole operation, whether flotilla or flytilla, should be viewed as an exercise in terror, with those who grant their flag, finance, glorify and applaud as active accomplices,” concluded Samuels.