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 Samuels found listed among the "main themes of convergence" in the 2016 official WSF Montreal programme, "the BDS campaign, (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against Israel."

The following fifteen items feature among the related activities:-

- "The Big Conference" on 12 August at the University of Quebec: "Confronting Israeli Apartheid: the Role and Goals of BDS", led by Ali Al Bunimah founder of the 'Electronic Intifada'; Omar Barghouti founder of the 'Palestinian BDS Committee' and Jamal Joma'a of 'Stop the Wall'.

- The same day, an exhibition "BDS 101" is to be opened by BDS-France.

- 10 August, "BDS:G4S and Municipal Campaigns" (targetting the British/Danish security company for its ties with Israel).

- 11 August, "Decolonizing Israel-Palestine through Challenging the Jewish National Fund" [an ecological afforestation organisation that has provided technical cooperation throughout Africa!].

- 12 August, "The Response of the BDS Campaign to Repression by States Complicit in Colonization" [to coordinate a campaign against France, Canada, the US and the UK].

- "BDS 101 Coordination workshop of BDS France and Quebec".

- "Divesting your Church or Denomination 101 – BDS for Peace and Justice" with the Sabeel Liberation Theology Centre, Kairos Palestine and the YWCA.

- "Fighting for BDS : Facing Down Israel's Backlash" ['how to defeat the Zionist Offensive']

- "Call for a Canadian Military Embargo toward Israel" ('A worldwide campaign... We wish to profit from the present our campaign to pressure governments, multilateral organisations, the UN, institutions and companies – both public and private – that are closely or distantly linked to the Israeli army... especially Canada'.)

The Centre argued, "Mr. Mayor, French courts have recognized BDS as a contributing factor to antisemitism, resulting in successful suits against its protagonists – many of whom are among the WSF organizers in Montreal", continuing, "... Moreover, it is now recognized that University campuses in North America espousing BDS have the highest number of antisemitic incidents against Jewish students."

Other troubling events programmed for WSF this week include :-

- "Good and Bad Terrorists – A Theory for Useful Terrorism and Capitalism-Zionism", featuring Sayyed Ali-Mousavi of the Centre for Religious Dialogue and Peaceful Coexistence.

- "Terrorism, Wahhabism, Zionism", with the same speaker.

- "The 'New Anti-Semitism' or the 'New McCarthyism?' The Israel Lobby's War on Palestine Solidarity and How Best to Resist".

- "Israeli Apartheid: Is it Acceptable in the West?"

- "Israeli Colonization : Anatomy of a Historical, Ideological and Economic Crime"[Zionism as a business in Palestinian death]

- "Our Land, our Hope: Experience of Dispossession in Palestine and Canada – Theologies/Spiritualities of Liberation".

Samuels claimed that "the WSF has served as an international meeting point to set agendas and campaigns, for example BDS, but also – since 2008 – the flotillas to Gaza and trade union action".

This year, we find:

- "The Women's Boat to Gaza" (due to sail in 2016) organised by the Freedom Flotilla Coalition.

- "The History of the Freedom Flotilla – Challenging Israel's Blockade of Gaza" (claiming that 'Israel murdered the activists on the Mavi Marmara') organised by 'the Canadian Boat to Gaza', speaker David Heap.

- "Women Resisting militarization, occupation, wars of aggression", Union of Palestinian Women.

Finally, though not exhaustive, a weird conspiracy theory, meeting on "Syria-Palestine Solidarity" ('imperialist and colonialist actors that are the cause of suffering in both societies'). "This is almost as vapid as the charge at the last WSF in Porto Alegre, that the Biblical concepts of 'promised land' and 'chosen people' were colonialist and racist."

"Mr. Mayor, the WSF is an agency for those who seek to inflict the greatest harm on Israel and its Jewish and Gentile supports. For the next five days,it will abuse the hospitality of Montreal, sowing hateful repercussions in its aftermath",concluded Samuels