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Paris, 19 August 2022

The European Union displays its chagrin at the departure of the United Kingdom, known as BREXIT, carrying with it Northern Ireland as part of Great Britain. For the Irish Republic known as Ulster.

For years, violence took place between Irish Catholics and British Protestants. Then known as “The Troubles” brought to an end by the late Lord Trimble. In any case, the capital, Belfast, is divided by a wall between the two faith constituencies, opened each day for crossings.

Dr Shimon Samuels, Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, visited the small Jewish community, disturbed by the Catholic war graffiti for portraying the PLO as heroes, as also by the Protestants public event, the burning “the Catholic” (a doll) on bonfires.

The reported irony began last year with a stop in Kosher meat, explained as “BREXIT difficulties”. Now, it has been claimed that the European Union is blocking Kosher food for Northern Ireland.

“This bears the reminiscence of Nazi Germany,” stated Samuels.

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis, now an MP, claimed “Where I saw anything against the Jewish community of Northern Ireland, it was coming from the European Union, trying to block Jews from getting access to Kosher products.”

Speaking of Prime Minister candidate, Liz Truss, “whom I have worked with, whether it is on Northern Ireland issues or defending and protecting the Jewish community, has been absolutely at the forefront of what is right.”

“What is next, ‘circumcision’? We are watching closely,” concluded Samuels.