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Paris, 31 May 2022

International Quds Day began with the return to Iran of Ayatollah Khomeini, from his exile in France. Each year, since the 1979 revolution, Tehran has promoted Quds Day to ingratiate itself with Muslim organizations and demonstrators mobilized “against Zionism and in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.”

The idea was to reverse the narrative of Jerusalem Day: the celebration of Jerusalem becoming the “grievance of Al-Quds” – just as terrorist murderers were to be rehabilitated as “holy martyrs”.

Quds Day sees pro-Palestinian groups parading with flags in Paris, London and elsewhere in Europe, and has become also a bridge between Sunna and Shi’a for a common cause.

Two weeks before the forthcoming French legislative elections first round – that will take place on 12 June – at the close of the UN Security Council (UNSC) on the 27 May morning session, France called together a handful of other European countries – members of the UNSC – to one-sidedly focus on “the behaviour of Israel.”

The four were:

1) Albania, a majority Muslim country that, ironically, during WW2, saved Jewish migrants through Kosovo over the mountains, then known as the “100 White Hats” movement.

2) Estonia, the only country listed on the Wannsee Protocol (the Nazi death list for Jews in Europe) as “Judenfrei” (cleansed of Jews), as they had been already murdered before the German arrival.

3) Ireland, which has itself suffered from the relationship between Irish and Palestinian terrorist groups.

4) France, that on this occasion, seems to have taken an anti-Israel stance, possibly due to the forthcoming Parliamentary elections, that may depend on those voters with a biased view of the Middle East conflict.

The UNSC background shows, once again, the role of UN agencies to serve the member-states in horse-trading for sinecures and cover for their own iniquities, by attacking the Jewish State and, through it, the Jewish Diaspora and its Gentile friends.

In the immortal words of French Prime Minister Raymond Barre after the Copernic synagogue bombing in 1980 – “A bomb set for Jews killed four innocent Frenchmen!” – Israel is currently on the cross, for defending itself from terrorists. The Jewish victims are transformed into perpetrators while the murderers are feted as heroes... until they wreak indiscriminate havoc at home.

France is, indeed, the object today of antisemitic terrorism, which can easily turn indiscriminate, as was the case over the past decade – from the Toulouse Jewish school to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, from the Kosher supermarket to the Bataclan theatre, from the killing of a Holocaust survivor to the beheading of a priest...

To quote Martin Niemoller:
They came for the Jews, and I did not speak out... Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me... and there was no one left to speak for me.

In short, Jerusalem Day represents the “Sons of Light”, just as Quds Day the “Sons of Darkness”.