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“Malicious hatred can kill and is not ‘freedom of expression’.”

Paris, 22 September 2020 

In a letter to YouTube CEO for Europe and Middle East, Cécile Frot-Coutaz, Simon Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, expressed “consternation at the YouTube posts by Freeze Corleone (a.k.a. Issa Lorenzo Diakhaté) inciting to antisemitic hate. Even more disturbing are the more than one million hits on the eve of the Jewish New Year, and the sale of 15,000 albums deliberately issued on the anniversary of 9/11... Freeze is inspired by the so-called ‘comedian’, Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, considered publicly as an inveterate antisemite... His raps have just been condemned by French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin.”

Samuels claimed that “Freeze has used YouTube as a vehicle to incite hate between young African Europeans and the Jewish community, which is already targeted by extremists and Jihadists in France, across Europe and the Middle East – all regions, Madam CEO, under your mandate.”

The letter continued, “in contradistinction to YouTube in the United States, the French National Assembly passed, on 24 June, the ‘Avia Law’ which requires the removal of ‘manifestly illicit’ hate and pornographic content on the Internet within 24 hours. This legislation is based on the 1 September 2017 German Netz DG Law, where Freeze’s idolatry of Hitler and Goebbels should lead to immediate action.”

Some examples of Freeze Corleone’s malicious raps:

“Everything for the family, so my children can live as Jew landlords;
Kill a life, 'F' a Rothschild;
I arrived determined like Adolf in the 30s;
In the shadow the Bilderberg conspiracy;
To create an empire like young Adolf;
I am in Dakar, you in your Zion centre, America, slavery;
I don’t give a ‘F’, for BHL [Bernard-Henri Lévy, French Jewish intellectual];
I don’t give a ‘F’ for the Shoah;
I have the propaganda techniques of Goebbels;
We get the German girls like the SS;
Kill a life, Lord of war like Mullah Omar [former head of the Afghan Taliban and an antisemitic ideologist].”

Another song:
“Too many Cohens, Jews in finance, Jews in politics, Jews plotting, Jewish school books...
Against them is the courage and bravery of the 3rd Reich and its heroic mysticism.”

Samuels noted, “Madam CEO, apparently in 2017, YouTube USA conducted a purge, ‘to quickly find and remove violative content,’ due to an explosion of disturbing videos aimed at children.”

The Centre urged “YouTube Europe to go further by leading the way – for all social media, their following and the younger generations – by removing all posts by Freeze Corleone and his ilk.”

“We are aware of the professional dictum that ‘outrage equals attention,’ but malicious hatred can kill and is not ‘freedom of expression’,” concluded Samuels.