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Recidivist, widely known as anti-Jewish hatemonger, Alain Soral, is back: "The Couillonavirus (Crapvirus) organized community that controls France... The Jews run entertainment, politics, medicine, the economy...”

Paris, 3 April 2020

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre joins its partner, BNVCA (Bureau national de vigilance contre l’antisémitisme - the French National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism) in condemning notorious anti-Jewish hatemonger, Alain Soral, for continued incitement, now on Twitter.

3 April 2020

The Centre’s Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, noted: “Last year, we exposed Soral’s infiltration into the ‘Yellow Jackets’ movement, holding a mass attendance extreme-right rally focusing against French Jews in a Paris suburb...”

“Soral has recently been sentenced to imprisonment on several separate counts of antisemitism and Holocaust denial, but has not yet been sent to jail... He, just like his close friend, the ‘entertainer’ Dieudonné, of equal notoriety, have cumulated fines that are still pending.”

In his Tweet and video, Soral names “the gang that controls the healthcare system: Bauer, Lévy, Buzyn, Hirsch, Guedj, Solomon, Jacob... a proper ‘Schindler’s List’!”... continuing, the Jews “want to make money off the backs of the French, weaken the French people by the number of dead...”

A week ago, the Centre protested to the French Minister of the Interior other antisemitic attacks against the former Minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn,  in the context of the epidemic. 

“The Wiesenthal Centre supports the BNVCA in bringing a legal suit against Alain Soral and will demand Twitter to ban him from its network,” concluded Samuels.