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“The election of Ms. Asfar would taint the Conservative Party as compliant in her antisemitism.”

Paris, 27 April 2015

In a letter to UK Conservative Party Election Campaign Manager, Lynton Crosby, Simon Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, expressed the outrage of the Centre's British membership - Simon Wiesenthal Centre UK - at  “an antisemitic outburst from Derby Council Conservative candidate, Gulzabeen Asfar.”

The Centre noted that “a campaigner for Islamic Relief, which is active in funding HAMAS controlled Gaza, Asfar revealed her true colours on Facebook two days ago... referring to Labour leader Ed Miliband, she wrote “... Never ever will I drop that low and support the 'al-yahud' (in Arabic, 'the Jew') LOL”

The letter pointed out that, “a Conservative Party spokesman has responded to the scandal on Asfar's behalf, stating, “her comment was offensive and wrong. She has removed it and apologized.”

Samuels suggested that Crosby “would surely agree that this is a wildly insufficient answer to racism in British politics,” recalling “their correspondence in 2009, regarding incitement to hate in the then European Parliamentary elections.”

“Once again, serious counter measures are necessary,” he added.

The Centre argued that “the candidacy of Ms. Asfar must be immediately disqualified as her election would taint the Conservative Party as compliant in her antisemitism.”

“Our Centre relies on you to ensure that bigotry is booted out certainly, at least, from the Conservative Party campaign,” concluded Samuels.