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"School, police and government's inaction is tantamount to complicity."

Paris, 13 June 2012

In a letter to Norwegian Minister of Justice, Grete Faremo, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels expressed shock "at the firebanding of a Jewish boy at an Oslo secondary school barbecue on Monday.

The letter pointed out that "apparently, this child has been the subject of antisemitic bullying and violence for the past two years, reportedly, because his father is Israeli", continuing "what is even more astonishing is that, despite the mother's report of assaults on her son to NRK radio evening news in 2010, there has been no reaction by the school, the police or governmental authorities." 

Samuels noted that "the boy has stated that he must stay clear of Norwegian and Muslim children and hide his parentage to avoid continued 
antisemitic attacks", adding that "these young school hatemongers point to a new generation of Breivik-style racists for Norway's future. You 
have a responsability to protect every threatened child and, especially, this victim targetted simply for being Jewish." 

The Centre stressed that "the silence of the school, the police and your government is too reminiscent of another Norway, under the WWII Nazi collaborator, Quisling." 

"Our Centre urges your immediate investigation of this case and protective and judicial action, as continued silence is tantamount to complicity" concluded Samuels.