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My Open Letter to French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault: “ Argentina Commemorates the AMIA Jewish Centre Bombing -- France Meets with Hizbollah”' can be found at: .

M. Jean-Marc Ayrault, Foreign Minister 37, Quai d’Orsay, Paris

Buenos Aires, 18 July 2016

Mr. Foreign Minister,

Today, Argentina commemorates the 22nd anniversary of the AMIA Jewish Welfare Centre bombing.

On 18 July 1994, 85 people died and over 300 were wounded at the hands of the Lebanese Shia’h terrorist movement, Hizbollah, financed and planned by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mr. Foreign Minister, last week you were in Beirut, reportedly meeting with the leadership of Hizbollah, claiming that your interlocutors were from the Jihadist political wing rather than their uncouth military – an argument that attempts to disassociate the chicken from the egg.

The murdered AMIA bombing investigator, Prosecutor Alberto Nisman, was to report on the current presence of Hizbollah in the lawless Triple Frontier region between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, plus ninety sleeper cells across Argentina, awaiting orders to attack.

Nisman, similarly, claimed terror squads under Iranian supervision, were active, inter alia, in Venezuela, Surinam, Honduras and Trinidad Tobago.

Mr. Foreign Minister, did you discuss with Hizbollah — the renewed Argentine extradition orders for the six indicted Iranians, for whom Interpol has issued red notice arrest warrants? Perhaps you proposed — as an honest broker — a Paris tribunal to try them, now that the 1980 Copernic synagogue bomber, Hassan Diab – extradited from Canada to France to bring justice to the victim families 36 year’s late – is about to be released?

-Did you raise Hizbollah’s 120,000 missiles targeting Israel, featured in several of the caricature submissions to the Tehran Holocaust denial competition?

-Did you discuss Hizbollah’s atrocities brought upon the Syrian civilian population in support of Bashir al Assad’s genocidal massacres?

-Did you protest the Hizbollah murderous attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria?

-You must have warned Hizbollah regarding its domestic power-play that could return -France’s former colony, Lebanon – to civil war.

Mr. Foreign Minister, what did France achieve from this meeting?

– Investment conditions to underpin peace in Lebanon and the region?

– A pledged moratorium on Shi’ite terrorism in France and Europe?

– A post-sanctions open door for Europe to the Iranian market?

– A role for Hizbollah in the Paris led Middle East Peace Initiative from which Israel was excluded?

Mr. Foreign Minister, you are surely aware of the risks of negotiating with terrorists – the previous Argentine administration euphemistically called it “A Truth Commission Memorandum with Iran.”

President Obama called his nuclear deal with Iran, “the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” (JCPOA).

If Shi’ah Hizbollah reneges on any eventual deal with Paris, is there perhaps a viable French alternative outreach to the Islamic State for a deal with Sunni ISIS?

Most respectfully,

Dr. Shimon Samuels, Director for International Relations,VSimon Wiesenthal Centre