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30 December 2023

Thousands of Hamas terrorists invade Southern Israel on October 7th

They brutally murdered 1,200 Israelis - men, women, and children - including infants. They mass raped women and kidnapped and took over 240 hostages, holding them in underground tunnels, some for over 2 months. The level of brutality, included beheadings and mutilations, making October 7, 2023, the worst atrocity perpetrated against the Jewish people since the Nazi Holocaust.

From its founding in 1987, anti-Semitic Hamas - a spawn of the Moslem Brotherhood - was committed to destroying Israel and installing an Islamic state. Hamas receives funding and support from Iran and Qatar. As the Israel Defense Force (IDF) continues to eliminate thousands of Hamas fighters and destroys hundreds of miles of underground tunnels, hopes for survival of the remaining hostages, fades. Meanwhile, Hamas operatives have been thwarted in at least 3 European countries from launching terror attacks against Jews.

Rather than being outraged by Hamas’ crimes against humanity, and despite Hamas’ Islamist goals, groups including, A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, Workers World Party, and Marxist groups have flocked to the forefront of anti-Israel/ pro-Hamas demonstrations on university campuses, where Israel is demonized, and Jewish students and institutions vilified and attacked.


Since Hamas’ October 7th invasion of Israel, which Tehran helped arm, finance, and train, the conflict has been expanded through Iran’s proxies. Iran’s Lebanonbased terror lackeys, Hezbollah, has launched thousands of rockets and drones into northern Israel and forced the evacuation of some 100,000 Israeli citizens. It has an arsenal of 150,000 rockets aimed at Israel’s heartland. Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, is no less committed to Israel’s annihilation than his sponsors in Tehran. Yemen’s Houthis, have all but closed shipping in the Red Sea. Iraq, where many key militias are controlled by Iran, passed a law invoking the death sentence on anyone espousing peace with the Jewish state.

Meanwhile, the Iranian government ordered the Jewish community to participate in protests in 5 cities vilifying Israel. Iranian State News agencies published photos and videos showing hundreds of Iranian Jews participating in anti-Israel rallies, including speeches from rabbis forced to condemn the “Zionist regime.”

Qatar openly maintains close ties with Western countries, including the United States. It also supports Hamas materially and politically, allowing Hamas to establish a political office in Doha where Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh and associates live in the lap of luxury.

Qatar has been able to leverage its support for Hamas to insert itself as the main go-between in negotiations with Israel seeking the release of the 240+ hostages kidnapped by the terrorist group on October 7th. After negotiations, Hamas released 105 hostages and Israel released 240 Hamas terrorist prisoners. The fate of over 100 remaining hostages is unclear.

Qatar has generally avoided serious criticism from the US as it hosts the 6th Fleet. However, a bipartisan group of 113 US lawmakers sent a letter to US President Joe Biden on October 16th asking him to put pressure on countries who support Hamas, including Qatar. No indication that the US is prepared to make serious demands of Qatar, a country which also has massive investments in the US. Meanwhile, Qatar remains a key purveyor of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel invective throughout the Middle East and beyond via its powerful media outlet—Al Jazeera.

In addition, Qatar has emerged as the major donor — 4.7 billion dollars to the “who’s who” of US elite universities dating back to the aftermath of 9/11. The fact that many of these campuses were the sites of pro-Hamas rallies laced with anti-Semitism in the weeks and months after October 7th, cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence.


The United Nations was born out of the ruins of World War II and the Nazi Holocaust with a resolve that the world would protect the dignity and rights of every person. Its 1948 Declaration of Human Rights still sets the standard of what the rights and freedoms of all human beings should be. The October 7, 2023, mass slaughter, rape, kidnapping, and hostage taking by Hamas has left the United Nations’ reputation in tatters, as its leadership and key agencies failed to unconditionally condemn the crimes against humanity and defend Israeli victims.

Immediately after October 7th, UN Secretary General Guterres declared that “it is important to also recognize that the attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum,” alleging “56 years of suffocating occupation” suffered by the Palestinians, and adding that Hamas’ massacres, “…did not warrant the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.” It took Guterres 70 days to watch the 43 minutes of video taken by Hamas gunmen of their horrific crimes against Israelis. Israel’s Foreign Minister, Eli Cohen retorted, “There is no place for an evenhanded approach. Hamas needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.”

The UN’s top Israel-basher is never at a loss for words in her ongoing crusade to demonize Israel. Francesca Albanese, the UN Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestinian Territories, has a sordid history of anti-Israel behavior including support of Palestinian terrorists as “human rights defenders,” defending missiles targeting Israeli civilians, and depicting Hamas on the same moral plane as the Jews who fought the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising during the Holocaust. Now the diplomat/ terror apologist denies Israel’s right to defend itself against Palestinian terrorism. Albanese charged, “Israel cannot claim the right of self-defense against a threat that emanates from a territory it occupies, from a territory that is under belligerent occupation.” “The killing of soldiers—it’s, I mean, frankly, it’s a tragedy, but it’s not a crime,” Albanese later said.

Despite calls from the SWC and others, Reem Alsalem, has refused to say a word about Israeli women sexually abused during the Hamas massacre and while held in captivity, dismissing it as “disinformation.” Statements made by Alsalem, UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women and Girls are indicative of the anti-Israel bias in many UN agencies. The Jordanian-born Alsalem spouts some of the most outlandish libels against the Jewish state. She accused the IDF of “new and terrifying attacks on the dignity of women who are part of Israel’s campaign of genocide.” Alsalem alleges that Israel is conducting “an assault on the reproductive rights of Palestinian women,” and claims the Israelis are responsible for the lack of hygienic products in Gaza and of imposing measures intended to prevent births by Palestinian women. In a related development, Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash), chair of the US Congressional Progressive Caucus, already under fire from members of her own party when she referred to Israel as “a racist state,” garnered international condemnation after a statement on CNN. When asked by a reporter about Hamas’ rapes of Israeli women as a weapon of war, Jayapal called for “a balanced approach” and spoke about the suffering of Palestinians. The reporter and viewers were incredulous. Jewish women were infuriated and deeply troubled. Most women’s NGOs remained silent.

The list of UN agencies, including UNICEF, with responsibilities to protect the innocent have done nothing to alleviate or even validate the suffering and deaths of Israelis. One UN agency devoted exclusively to the Palestinians is UNRWA. The SWC has urged the US to lead donor nations to join other donor nations and dismantle UNRWA because it continues to teach generations of Palestinian children to demonize and delegitimize Israel and Israelis.

Israel’s incursion into Gaza has confirmed what critics have long believed — that UNRWA’s staff is riddled with Hamas operatives and supporters who appropriated parts of UNRWA facilities to store weapons arsenals and launch missiles targeting Israelis.


The International Red Cross continues to display its anti-Israel bias. Israelis looked to the ICRC for leadership in demanding proof of life of the 240 hostages kidnapped and held by Hamas.

But the Red Cross only appeared when Israeli hostages were to be exchanged for Hamas terrorists held in Israel.

The so-called neutral international organization was anything but on X, formerly known as Twitter. Of the tweets posted on ICRC accounts, more than 75% criticized Israel, while only 7% took Hamas to task. “The Red Cross claims to be neutral, but its public statements are anything but,” charged Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch. “The world’s leading humanitarian organization is failing to uphold its core principles of neutrality. … Instead, the Red Cross and its leaders have repeatedly promoted the notion that Israel is responsible for a war that was in fact launched by Hamas….” To date, the ICRC has failed to explicitly condemn Hamas for its barbaric assaults against Israelis.


CAIR presents itself as the foremost Muslim Civil Rights group in the US. Its input is sought by the White House and State Department. Earlier this year, it was listed as a trusted partner in the battle against anti-Semitism in President Biden’s Strategy to Combat Anti-Semitism. But CAIR has also been a source of unadulterated anti-Semitism in the past, named #8 in SWC’s Top Ten in 2021. Now, shocking comments made by its national executive director in wake of October 7th, brought condemnation from the White House. At an American Muslims for Palestine convention, Awad said he was “happy to see” the people of Gaza “breaking the siege” on October 7th when Hamas attacked Israel and murdered 1,200 Israelis in cold blood. Awad also described Gaza as an “outdoor concentration camp.”

“We condemn these shocking, anti-Semitic statements in the strongest terms,” said White House spokesperson Andrew Bates, adding, “The atrocities of that day shock the conscience, which is why we can never forget the pain Hamas has caused for so many innocent people.” In the past, Awad accused American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) of buying corrupt American politicians. “We have to free so many people from the shackles of AIPAC and its affiliates who have sold the soul of America.”


In December, presidents of three elite US schools equivocated when asked at Congressional hearings if calls to genocide Israel contradicted codes of conduct at Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Pennsylvania. All three said it depended “on context.” Penn’s Liz Magill was immediately challenged by House member Elise Stefanik (R-NY). “Context? That is not bullying or harassment? This is the easiest question to answer ‘yes,’ Ms. Magill.”

Responding to the same question, Harvard President, Claudine Gay said, “When speech crosses into conduct, we take action.” MIT president Sally Kornbluth stated that such language would only be “investigated as harassment if pervasive and severe.”

Harvard had already come under withering criticism because President Gay waited days before condemning Hamas’ October 7th massacres. Meanwhile, a broad coalition of dozens of student groups at Harvard denounced Israel. Regarding disciplinary actions of those engaging in anti-Semitism, Jewish Harvard Law student Jonathan Frieden stated, “When they respond, if at all, responses are meaningless such as, ‘We are aware of the situation.’”

Penn is being investigated by the federal government in part over a controversial Palestinian “literature” festival. Harvard is also facing an investigation after an Israeli student was repeatedly beaten at a post-October 7th proHamas demonstration. Perhaps what worries school presidents most are the millions of dollars in pledges that their schools have seen canceled by irate alumni and other donors—incensed that universities are doing precious little to halt the intimidation and bullying of Jewish students and attacks against Jewish symbols, including Chanukah menorahs.

A survey earlier this year by JOC (Jewish on Campus) with the support of the World Jewish Congress, found that of the 3,000 students polled - only half of them Jewish - 48% were personally victimized by vandalism. 43% came across conspiracy theories and more than 20% heard or were subject to wishes for genocide against Jews. 84% of Jewish students viewed campus anti-Semitism as a major threat in the US, while 64% of non-Jewish students polled agreed.


Numerous elementary school “educators” in the Oakland, California Unified School District held an unauthorized pro-Palestine teach-in in December, shortly after the District’s teachers’ union condemned Israel as an “apartheid” state. A presentation for various grade levels was provided by the Oakland Education Association with input from several pro-Palestinian groups. Earlier, the teacher’s union demanded an end to the “occupation of Palestine,” stating that much of the blame for the current Hamas war was the fault of Israel’s “apartheid” government. In a statement expressing disapproval of the “Teach-In,” Oakland school superintendent Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammel said, “Our schools are sanctuaries for learning, and I am deeply disappointed by the harmful and divisive materials being circulated and promoted as factual.”

In Manhattan, a pre-K teacher spread anti-Israel hate to the city’s youngest students and offered parents and teachers tips to indoctrinate kids, according to The New York Post. Siriana Abboud, 29, a city Department of Education teacher, offers social-media guides on how to talk to 4-yearolds about “land theft, displacement and ethnic cleansing.”

A Los Angeles charter school stirred controversy at the synagogue where it was housed after first-grade teachers taught lessons about “the genocide of Palestine” announcing steps to “repair this harm.” Two teachers were removed from the school and the principal has been placed on leave from Citizens of the World Charter School-East Valley.

The book A Little Piece Of Ground by Elizabeth Laird was included in the sixth-grade English curriculum in Newark, New Jersey. The book, targeted at young adults, is accused of pushing anti-Israel propaganda and conveying a biased view of Israel to impressionable children. According to the book’s Amazon description, A Little Piece Of Ground “explores the human cost of the occupation of Palestinian lands through the eyes of a young boy.” Critics charge that the book portrays Palestinians as victims and Israelis as hostile oppressors.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, anti-Semitic incidents at UK secondary schools have tripled over the past five years. According to The Jewish Chronicle, 76 of over 1,000 incidents were so serious, that they were reported to police. Only 5% of UK schools even have protocols to deal with anti-Semitism. In two cases, Jewish teachers resigned their positions rather than put up with anti-Semitic abuse from students.


Already a massive factor in growing antiSemitic hate in the US and abroad, online Jew-hatred has surged out of control on social media since October 7th. Telegram is foremost among major internet platforms in providing thousands of channels for terrorism tutorials targeting Israeli civilians, promoting anti-Semitism and nefarious conspiracy theories. Several far-right Telegram channels seek to unite left wing and right-wing Jewhaters to create a powerful new vehicle to spread anti-Semitism.

Wildly popular with young people, TikTok’s American users make up nearly half of the US population. Anti-Semitic memes on TikTok, often featuring ugly facial stereotypes once popularized by propaganda ministries in Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union, are often accompanied by Jewish music.

Jewish and Israeli employees of the Chinese Communist government-controlled social media platform have complained about an increasingly hostile environment, including harassment and personal attacks since the Hamas murder spree of October 7th. China is currently backing Hamas. What’s more, while TikTok does have moderators who check for objectionable content, most of them are anti-Israel and more than a few have even encouraged posters to submit anti-Israel material.

In November, TikTok posted a video from a user who read parts of Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America” wherein the arch terrorist justified the murder of nearly 3,000 Americans, citing America’s support of Israel and the “occupation” of “Palestine.” “The creation and continuation of Israel is one of the greatest crimes, and you are the leaders of its criminals…. The creation of Israel is a crime which must be erased,” bin Laden wrote. Shockingly, the letter had been read by 15 million people, many of whom say their eyes were “finally opened” by bin Laden and his words—the terrorist who led al-Qaeda on its mass murdering spree targeted the United States homeland.


Human Rights Watch (HRW) has aggressively pursued an anti-Israel agenda for years. In the summer of 2023, the group took its animus to a new low by accusing the Jewish state of “gunning down Palestinian children,” conveniently forgetting to mention that most of these “children” were heavily armed teens who were engaged in deadly acts of terrorism. With the start of the war in Gaza, the once credible group argued that the US risks complicity in war crimes by providing weapons and diplomatic cover to Israel. HRW Director, Louis Charbonneau, said as much after the US vetoed a UN Security Council resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza which would have given Hamas a chance to re-arm, regroup, and plan new attacks against Israel.

Recently, Human Rights Watch made another lurid accusation against Israel, that the Jewish state was systematically starving Palestinians in Gaza by not allowing aid to reach the people. Qatar’s Al Jazeera rushed to spread the antiSemitic and anti-Israel blood libel via its vast global network.

The truth is quite different. Humanitarian aid into Gaza is stolen immediately by Hamas, leaving civilians to beg, borrow, or steal food and fuel. There’s footage of young Gazans confronting armed Hamas gunmen with rocks as another shipment meant for the people is stolen. Other footage shows young people throwing parts of the shipments from a moving truck.

Israel and the Jewish people must contend with such monstrous lies and monstrous liars. All this suffering is on Hamas, not Israel. They’re holding the hostages. They in their thousands carried out Oct 7th massacres in southern Israel. HRW sold its soul long ago. Last month, Middle East Media Research Institute published a leaked Qatari government document claiming Qatar’s regime paid 3 million euros to HRW. They know their priorities. Demonize the Jewish state with libels. Depict Israelis as inhuman beasts. HRW and Al Jazeera. What a team!


Anti-Israel protesters called supporters of the Jewish State “pigs” and chanted “gas the Jews’’ at proHamas rallies across the globe. Many pro-Palestinian rallies held across the US and elsewhere, are as much about intimidating and purging Jews from the public square as supporting Palestinians. “From the River to the Sea,” a popular refrain, appearing on banners and chanted by demonstrators, is an open call for the destruction of the State of Israel.

Pro-Palestine protesters disrupted Congressional hearings, the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and attempted to disrupt the annual tree lighting ceremony at New York’s Rockefeller Center. Some demonstrators were seen carrying signs bearing swastikas and comparing the IDF to Nazis. A chaotic clash in Brooklyn between pro-Hamas protestors and police ended with 19 adults and 3 juveniles taken into custody.

In Southern California, 69-year-old Paul Kessler died from injuries sustained in an argument with a pro-Palestinian professor who assaulted him. In Philadelphia, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters made their way through the streets to a Jewish-owned restaurant shouting, “Goldie, Goldie you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide” while leaving pro-Palestinian slogans on the restaurant doors.

Halfway around the world, in Sydney, Australia, Chris Minns, Premier of New South Wales apologized to the Jewish community as members reeled from a pro-Hamas protest where chants of “gas the Jews” and “f— the Jews” could be heard. Premier Minns said his local government tried to “create a place and a space” for Jews to mourn victims of the October 7th attacks in Israel outside of Sydney’s famed opera house, which was lit up in the colors of the Israeli flag. But the exterior of the opera house was “overrun with people that were spewing racial epithets and hatred.” The pro-Hamas mob of more than 1,000 people, held a ceremony where an Israeli flag was burned and flares were fired.

In London, at least 29 demonstrators were arrested for offenses ranging from inciting racial hatred to racially aggravated public disorder during massive Pro-Hamas demonstrations that often targeted Jewish neighborhoods.

Amid ongoing protests in the streets of Chile, President Gabriel Boric recalled Israel’s Ambassador and condemned the Jewish state for “violating humanitarian international law” in Gaza after October 7th. There are estimated half a million Palestinians in Chile, many third, fourth and fifth generations.