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Paris, 9 June 2023

The Centre’s Director for International Relations, Dr Shimon Samuels, noted that the Centre’s report – regarding the President of the PSOE (Socialist Party) in Seville, Amparo Rubiales – was picked up in Europa Press and other media outlets.

Rubiales had attacked PP (Centrist Party) National Coordinator, Sen. Elias Bendodo, calling him a “Nazi Jew”. After a sort of rectification, she called Bendodo, who is a Sephardi Jew, only a “Nazi”.

The Wiesenthal Centre, together with Spanish Jews, “are delighted that our action has led to Rubiales’ resignation. May this serve as a lesson for others involved in the political arena.”

“The PP is presenting a complaint against her for ‘hate crime’ in a Seville Court, which we support,” concluded Samuels.

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