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Paris, 13 March 2023

The Wiesenthal Centre’s 7 March protest to France24 “Wiesenthal Centre Open Letter to France24: ‘Shocked at Antisemitism of Arabic Channel Correspondents’” revealed the content of a report by CAMERA on outrageous declarations by several journalists, especially on social media.

Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr Shimon Samuels, had reminded the channel’s Director that “it is the news broadcasting company’s responsibility to vet its collaborators’ reports – as well as their social media footprint – to avoid being associated with blatant outbursts of Jew hatred, calling for violence, glorification of Nazism or of terrorism...”

As a first result, France24 has today made public that from 10 March it has opened “an audit on these alleged posts,” adding... “As a precautionary measure, and as this type of procedure requires, the four journalists concerned were suspended from their jobs pending the results of the audit.”

In its press release, the channel affirms that “The code of ethics of France Médias Monde (France 24, RFI, MCD) stipulates that its journalists, when publishing on blogs, forums, social networks, and any space dedicated to the public exchange of information, must ensure ‘respect for professional and ethical rules (...) and not violate the values of ethics, independence, and impartiality of the company (...)’.
“The measures taken in this situation aim to protect the integrity of the work of the entire Arabic-language editorial staff of France 24,” reaffirming its commitment “to the fight against anti-Semitism, racism, and discrimination.”

“The Wiesenthal Centre’s European office will continue monitoring local and international media in France and Europe, so that similar cases of hatred – directed at Jews or any other minority – be sanctioned in compliance with broadcasting regulations. Reporting cannot become incitement to antisemitism or violence,” concluded Samuels.

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