Geneva, 15 June 2022

“In the midst of the attacks on Israel at the Human Rights Council: charges of colonialism, apartheid, disproportionate violence are nonstop!... ” stated Dr Shimon Samuels, Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations and Permanent Observer at the UN in Geneva (UNOG).

Within this maelstrom, came a questionable appointment.

North Korea – under its ballistic missiles tests and threats to use a nuclear bomb – was appointed President of the 65 member-States of the Conference on Disarmament.

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” (DPRK) Ambassador Han Tae Song stated, “the DPRK remains committed to global peace and disarmament and attaches importance to the work of the Conference...” It was noted that “not one Western state walked out of the meeting,” added Samuels.

The North Korea appointment follows that of the Islamic Republic of Iran which, in March 2022, began a four year seat at the UN Commission on Women’s Rights.