Paris, 25 March 2022

Following a day of murderous stabbings in Southern Israel by an Islamist egged on by Jew-haters, the Rapporteur of the so-called “Human Rights Council” backed up the antisemitic claim of Amnesty International, that Israel cannot be a “Jewish State.”

The UN Special Rapporteur, Michael Lynk, concluded his six years of anti-Israel abuse, by accusing it of “Apartheid.” His report was released for this week’s “Human Rights Council debate” on “Item 7 - Israeli Human Rights abuses against the Palestinians.”

Item 7 is the only permanent one that singles out one state alone – Israel – followed by Item 8 that can cover all other states getting away with true Human Rights abuses. It was agreed that Item 7 remain on the UNHRC agenda.

The Holocaust became possible due to ‘bystanders’ who did nothing to stop the systematic extermination of six million Jews and the massacre of other minorities.

The Human Rights Council is awash with known anti-Israel member-states. Their hatred could be drowned if the ‘abstention’ states were to vote for Israel across the UN system. The hypocrisy is that these states are happy to receive Israeli hi-tech and travel freely and safely to holy sites, while enjoying the UN business system of “tit-for-tat” barter – “we vote for you and you vote for us.”

Today, the ‘abstentionists’ are yesterday’s ‘bystanders’ of Nazism.

The victims of South African Apartheid could only dream of the equality, rule of law and the civil and political rights guaranteed by today’s Israel. Moreover, the white anti-Apartheid partners were predominantly South African Jews.

The 49th Session of the UN Human Rights Committee just continued its venom, with attacks on Israel from delegations such as:
- Iran, stating that “Palestinians are subjugated by an apartheid military regime;”

- Pakistan, hinting at “apartheid belonging to the same legal category as war crimes, genocide, slavery...”;

- or Qatar, denouncing “violence and terrorism by Israeli settlers under the protection of Israeli forces.”

Others, such as Venezuela, Jordan, Algeria, Iraq, South Africa, Cuba, Lebanon or Syria... included accusations of “daily violations, demolitions, evictions, territorial fragmentation, arbitrary arrests, detention of minors, deportations, torture, killings, Gaza blockaded by land, air and sea as an isolated human warehouse, collective punishment, repression of demonstrations, etc.”

High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, added: “Pressure and restrictions on civil society, Israel’s contempt for international law...”

The antisemitism of UN Rapporteurs or Committees of Inquiry focusing on the Jewish State are factors for Jew-hatred around the world. Thus they should be arraigned for defamation and incitement to violence.

We can only thank the Lord that we have a Jewish State to ensure that, despite the hatemongers of the Human Rights Council, there will never be another Holocaust.