by Shimon Samuels

Paris-Tel Aviv, 2 February 2022 

It started in Europe with claims of Jewish power.

Some countries had forbidden circumcision and Kosher shechita as barbaric behaviour.

A depression ruined markets but, claimed the hatemongers, it enriched the Jews.

A boycott campaign focused on Jewish stores.

Terror targeted synagogues, Jewish schools and individuals.

Jews were expelled, as they roamed from city to city, seeking acceptance.

They tried to reach the Promised Land, but the Imam of Jerusalem had closed the gates for Jews.

Fifteen came together to a Berlin suburb to cleanse Europe of its Jews.

Fifteen came together in London’s East End to cleanse the Holy Land from Jews on behalf of the Imam and the Ayatollah.

I awakened to the laughter of Jewish girls and boys playing in Hebrew.

I turned on the radio to hear a discussion on Covid, between Jewish and Arab Israeli doctors. I changed channels and listened to a parliamentary debate featuring Arab and Jewish Israeli Members of Parliament, on how to subdue violence among Arab youth in Galilee villages.

The next subject featured a spokeswoman from some organization bent on de-Judaization of our land.

I got up to another exciting day in the Land of Israel... The dream was still alive.

Jewish partisans from the Shoah had made it clear: “Mir Zaynen Do” - “We Are Here!”
Today, refugees from across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Africa added in chorus: “And Here We Shall Stay!”