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    #Bring them home
  • Together Against War in Ukraine
    Together Against War in Ukraine
  • Paris Town Hall Illumination to honour  victims of terror in Jerusalem
    Paris Town Hall Illumination to honour victims of terror in Jerusalem
  • Inauguration Place Simon & Cyla Wiesenthal
    Inauguration Place Simon & Cyla Wiesenthal
  • Exhibition Opening, 11 June 2014: “People, Book, Land”
    Exhibition Opening, 11 June 2014: “People, Book, Land”
  • Exhibition Opening Copenhagen
    Exhibition Opening Copenhagen
  • Dr. Shimon Samuels meeting Pope Francis
    Dr. Shimon Samuels meeting Pope Francis
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News Releases 2024

Doha, 14 May 2024

An open letter to the Prime Minister of Qatar, H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, who inaugurated the Doha Book Fair, that is open from 9 to 18 May, with the slogan: “Knowledge is Light!” in the “Pavilion of Cultural Diversity.”

Dr Shimon Samuels, Emeritus Director for International Relations of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, pointed to the Qatari Prime Minister an example of darkness and hate on the stand H4-102, of Dar al Tanoua al Thaqafi... Syrian publisher of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, translated into Arabic by Mohamed Amin Sabbah.

14 May 2024
Photo of the book on the publisher’s shelves at the Doha Book Fair, and a close-up (photo csweurope).

Paris, 9 May 2024

The annual meeting (80th anniversary) of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF) focussed on commemorating Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Day), the rise of antisemitism in France, the 7 October attack against Israel by Hamas terrorists and the some 130 hostages still held in captivity.

The Honoured Guest was the new – and maybe the youngest ever, at 35 – Prime Minister of France, Gabriel Attal.

9 May 2024 1
PM Gabriel Attal with Dr Shimon Samuels (photo csweurope).

by Shimon Samuels

Paris, 27 April 2024

Each January, I attended the World Social Forum (WSF) in Porto Alegre, Brazil, to discover the forthcoming trends in antisemitism and hate against Israel.

In 2010, the WSF was entering its 10th year of activity, with the main theme being “Palestine” and the preparation of “Flotilla and Flytilla campaigns to Gaza”. The discussion on the Flytilla (an “invasion” of pro-Palestinian militants through airlines) was a failure.

The Flotilla campaign held a session to find an “appropriate and evocative” name. Finally, the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” was chosen, allegedly to bring humanitarian aid to the Strip.

Paris, 15 March 2024

Since the 7-October terror assault on Israel, the Friends of the Wiesenthal Centre, in cooperation with the Mouvement pour la Paix et Contre le Terrorisme (MPCT - Movement for Peace and Against Terrorism), are active in countering antisemitism and hate on the streets of Paris. Over the past week, we have been participating in the following initiatives:

1) On 8 March, while “Score a Goal for Women” was the focus event for UNESCO, “in the streets of Paris, the International Women’s Day rally for universal rights and equality saw a group of Jewish women, expressing solidarity with the female victims held captive by Hamas, heckled and targeted by insults, threats, eggs and soda cans, thrown by ‘pro-Palestinian militants’, stated Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr Shimon Samuels.

Social grievances have often been parasited recently, by militants hiding behind masks, keffiyehs and flags, and screaming slogans such as “from the river to the sea!” and “Khaybar, Khaybar!” – code-words for their antisemitic genocidal intent. The Centre co-signed an MPCT appeal to defend the dignity of Jewish women after this grotesque aggression.

14 March 2024 3
Samuels at UNESCO (photo csweurope); Remembering 7 October victims at the rally (photo AFP).

Paris, 14 March 2024

A French extreme-left group has demanded to ban the Israeli flag from the next Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Palestinian “sports” groups have called on all Arab and other countries to prevent Israel’s participation.

The International Olympic Committee’s President, Thomas Bach, has so far “made clear that there was no issue regarding Israel participating in the 2024 Summer Olympics,” cautioning others against discrimination in Paris.

Bach had apologized for the many years it took the IOC to commemorate the murder of Israeli athletes at the Munich 1972 Games as “the darkest days in Olympic history... an attack on the Olympics and its values.”

Wiesenthal Director for International Relations, Dr Shimon Samuels, recalled that Bach had also held a moment of silence at the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Games to remember “the Munich 1972 terror murder of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian Black September.”

Samuels called on French President, Emmanuel Macron, “to ensure that Israel be present in these Paris Games and to prevent any BDS campaign (the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign targeting Israel), that would be reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s antisemitism, and not befitting the host country, France, nor the spirit of sport and of the Olympics.”

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