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Paris, 1 February 2021

In a letter to JCDecaux General Counsel, Bertrand Allain, Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, recalled that “his response to the Centre’s letters of 15 and 21 December 2020, in regard to an antisemitic hate campaign in Toulouse against PUMA sport equipment that abused the billboards of JCDecaux, was most encouraging in its plans to take serious measures, including police outreach and legal steps.”

The Centre continued: “Unfortunately, we now confront a second wave of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign, reaching central Paris – from Belleville to Saint-Michel through Chatelet – and in particular, new posters on your billboards targeting Israeli Teva Pharmaceuticals and its pharmacy outlets. This is especially ironic, at a time when Israel is supplying anti-COVID-19 vaccines to Palestinian hospitals and medical staff.”

Blog by Dr. Shimon Samuels published in The Times of Israel
28 January 2021

I had come to Paris in 1980 with the grandiose objective to contain antisemitism. Little did I foresee its nature.

On 3 October, the eve of Sukkot (Tabernacles), I was visiting an Israeli journalist, Tamar Cohen. Her houseguest, Aliza Shagrir – wife of the late cineaste Micha Shagrir – had just arrived from Israel. Asking her hostess if she needed anything for dinner, Tamar suggested some dates from the fruit shop three hundred meters away, facing the synagogue on the rue Copernic. We went down to the street together. She turned into Copernic, I continued walking straight ahead. I felt the bomb, where Aliza met her death.

Zoom Meeting with 184 Iraqi Jews worldwide, organized by the Community of Babylonian Iraqi Jews of Montreal

Includes the speech by Dr. Shimon Samuels, Director for International Relations of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre
(see from 18 min 49" to 25 min 44")

29 January 2021

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Please contact us if you are a witness or victim of antisemitism or other forms of discrimination on social media.

“There is no Freedom without Justice.” (Simon Wiesenthal, 1908-2005)

Article by Dr. Shimon Samuels published in The Jerusalem Post
26 January 2021

This article was written following a Zoom meeting with 184 Iraqi Jews worldwide, on the occasion of the Annual Commemoration of the Baghdad Hangings (27 January 1969) - organized by the Community of Babylonian Iraqi Jews of Montreal - including heart-rending testimonies of witnesses of the 'Second Farhud' (violent dispossession).
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On this Yom Ha’Shoah / International Holocaust Commemoration Day on January 27, we should contemplate what the fate of MENA Jewry would have been had German general Rommel won the Desert Campaign.

26 January 2021
Desert Wanderings: The Jewish Nation’s beginnings (photo Haytham Shtayeh / Flash90).

In the spirit of the Abraham Accords, there is a growing interest in the Holocaust and its impact on the Jews of MENA (Middle East/North Africa).

“A vector for the continuing agenda of the Durban UN World Conference Against Racism hatefest.”

Paris, 24 January 2021

The 2021 World Social Forum (WSF), that is meeting from 23 to 31 January, has announced that it is mostly “dedicated to Palestinian issues.”

The WSF opened with Leila Khaled, known for her participation in the infamous hijacking of TWA flight 840 in 1969 – on which the PFLP hoped to find and kidnap Yitzhak Rabin – and of El Al flight 219 in 1970. After her arrest and conviction in the UK, she was released in exchange for hostages taken by other PFLP terrorists.